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Welcome to weare11ne! Before you get started, the mods here would like it if you could go through at least the main rules. However, if you want to make sure you aren't breaking the rules, it's highly recommended if you read all the rules, which will be under the lj cut. Thank you!

1. All entries posted must pertain to EXO as a group or to current members of EXO. All other posts will be deleted. Fanfiction should be posted at sonyeoncheonji.

2. Be polite, courteous, and respectful. Discussion may become heated at times by nature - however, insults (thinly veiled or not) are not tolerated and will be removed. Offending members will be warned.

3. When posting, please check that the content has not been previously posted. Tag all posts appropriately, and label content clearly in the subject. For ease of reading, do not change any of the text. Do not change the color, size, or font face. Bold, underline, and italics are allowed. Advertisements are an exception.

4. Do not disable comments. If the mods find something wrong with your post and cannot reach you, your post will be deleted

5. Advertisements (and requests) need to be approved by a moderator. Go here to ask for permission - do not PM the mods.

5. Affiliations can be found here.

Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We're here to help!

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卫视张东: 收视率只以首播为核准时间,只以通过电视机这个唯一观看载体为核准标准!所以不用再纠结,本周六晚八点十分,打开你身边所有的电视机,跟亲朋好友一起。有感动,有破腹大笑!快乐大本营男神季,帅,真,无距离!

Hunan TV Zhang Dong: Viewership ratings are only counted during broadcast time, and only when it's watched through a TV! So don't dally, this Saturday at 8PM, turn on all the TVs near you and gather your friends. You'll be moved and laugh until your belly hurts! Happy Camp - Season of Gods. Handsome, real, and up close!

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(Does someone have the link to the subbed preview? The link I had was taken down!)
06 26 14 - Housekeeping
ping ζ ride on this breeze
/claims a sofa

Welcome to weare11ne! Let's share, discuss, and enjoy EXO together! Feel free to begin posting :)

A few housekeeping items:
1) Please adhere to the rules.
2) Open call for help running the comm. If you're interested in helping mod, please PM indicating interest, previous modding experience, and timezone! Anyone who's willing to regularly update would also be appreciated :)
3) Have fun, play nice.
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